As these past few days Reyna’s been walking and talking more and more these day…. for sometime now I have been feeling tired, extremely difficult to do house work luckily I had a doctor’s appointment soon…. So the day of my doctors visit I’m just going for a check up for my thyroids and for some birth control pills. As the doctor does her exams and need my blood she says I’m all good everything is fine, but for some reason as I am walking out the door she rushes to me and gives me some news. News that I wanted to be true and it was I found out I was pregnant. Having another baby bring joy into my life, I can’t wait till I go back next week and see how far along I am to begin my journey of being a new baby into this world and seeing how my little love bug gets along with the new baby. I can’t wait.      

 till next time.😊


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